What Is Advisory Accounting And What Is The Impact On Your Business?

Accounting is the science responsible for studying financial phenomena, their variables and, consequently, their impact on companies' equity. The accountant is the professional responsible for diagnosing and predicting the health of a company. Accounting is certainly the pillar that supports and structures a business.

Many people see the accountant as a customs agent, who only delivers the ancillary obligations and fulfills legal formalities. But that's the past! Accountants took a new stance on the financial management of companies. Today they provide consultancy and support so that they are not only regularized, but also grow and succeed!

This new methodology used that has been transforming the market is called Consultative Accounting.

What is Advisory Accounting?

Consultative accounting, in a nutshell, is nothing more than the most frequent interaction between the accountant and the entrepreneur. It has the duty to monitor the development of a business, so that the professional understands the real needs of the entrepreneur and is able to help him in decision making, promoting assertive solutions over time.


Consultative accounting in practice

Advisory accounting works as a two-way street. The customer has a duty to provide information on the progress and movement of the company. Together, the accountant has the duty to follow the numbers and promote action plans according to the needs of your business.


The accounting professional needs to think about strategic methods and management techniques so that the contact with the customer is as dynamic as possible. Thus, it will be able to promote the analysis of movements and generate indicators that will serve as a planning strategy.

With this in mind, the offices are investing in the outsourcing of business processes, using management tools that make it possible to get closer to customers and make it practical to receive information, also known as Financial BPO .

When working with the Financial BPO, there is an integration of all the company's financial processes for accounting. The fact of dealing directly with the financial control of the client's company demonstrates mastery of numbers and all internal processes.

Success Checklist

Considering consultative accounting as a great management resource, guaranteeing profitability, care, analysis and even a possible reduction in the tax burden, it is ideal for you to make the right choice of the professional or accounting service that will take care of your company.

Very low-priced accounting often provides services with little quality and almost no personality. If you want to have constant monitoring, updating and status about your company, be aware that prices can vary.

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Online Accounting: What It Is And How It Is Transforming The Accounting Market

Online Accounting is nothing more than a simpler and more practical way of carrying out the accounting, fiscal and financial management of companies. It consists of carrying out the complete accounting, with everything that a physical office does, but online, all through the internet and with actions and processes organized through a platform, which we can also call digital accounting.

As with other areas and services, technology has been transforming the accounting market in recent years. This movement started at the beginning of the last decade, with the emergence of the first online accounting offices. This has transformed the way companies deal with their routines.

The phenomenon is very simple: Just as it changed the way you order food, listen to music, take a taxi or choose a movie to watch, it was a matter of time before the digital transformation also invaded the way how accounting is done. Consequently, this market expansion began to emerge. This aroused interest in people, who began to want to understand, in fact, what online accounting is.

Consumers are digital and want interaction, they want answers and everything for yesterday! The challenge is to offer engaging, passionate and sincere experiences.

In other words, they already know how to assess usability, communication and all the experience they will have with the product before closing the deal. Not to mention that they search among the options that exist in the market. Furthermore, today, consumers are more connected and open to innovation and, more than that, they are looking for new experiences. Therefore, online accounting must also meet these changing needs.

Accounting Transformation: From Traditional To Digital

With the increase of technology in all markets, it became evident that the accounting and fiscal management of companies could be optimized. Because entrepreneurs realized that routines that always involved a large amount of papers could be carried out online, much faster, generating great savings in time and money for companies.

Several tools, systems and software can now automatically perform many of the tasks that could only be done manually before, involving a large number of professionals to perform repetitive work. Already using the facilities that online accounting provides, accountants and experts in the sector can direct their skills to act in a more consultative way, offering solutions that really can make a difference in the company's accounting and tax scenario.

The idea is to allow organizations to make accurate predictions for a smarter approach to their business strategy. This with a tool capable of integrating all the information needed to run a company. In this way, it is possible to understand the situation the client is in and deliver the information the way and the way he would like to see it, helping him to make more assertive and faster decisions. Let the system do most of the work having accounting, tax and financial tasks automated through an intelligent and programmed tool to suit each company.

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